• Discrete, Professional, Effective
  • On-Site Conflict Resolution 
  • Provided to any level of staff 
  • Provided between any staff power differential
  • Individual Meetings with participants
  • Group meetings with participants 
  • Proven de-escalation interventions
  • Systematic, written action plans
  • Comprehensive Follow-Up 

Conflict Happens.  

We all wish it didn't, but it does.  Research indicates that 85% of employees at all levels experience workplace conflict; U.S. employees spend 2.8 hours on average per week dealing with conflict;  and  U.S. businesses lose as much as $359 Billion a year on account of this common difficulty.  

At Beacon View Consulting, we believe that conflict doesn't just need to be "managed", it needs to be "resolved" by using proven interventions delivered by experts in the field of mediation, psychology, business, and organizational competence.  Dealing with workplace conflict in a professional, comprehensive manner is the hallmark of healthy organizations; Beacon View Consulting offers the guidance that is often needed for this to occur. Our interventions give people involved the skills and confidence they need to deal with current and future disputes in a timely, responsible, and beneficial manner.

Beacon View Consulting’s conflict resolution services confront conflict resolution with the respect and discretion necessary, and take a strong results-oriented focus to which individuals are held accountable. Follow-up and ongoing reporting are set into the structure of our conflict resolution services.

Finally, we see conflict as an opportunity.  Ask usabout the many times since our founding that conflict resolution has led to an organization's greater awareness of its larger issues, its strength and weaknesses, and ultimately novel and improved paths toward success for the entire business.  We look forward to helping you navigate these difficult but opportune experiences in your organization.  

Challenges of the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is filled with potential difficulties.  Interpersonal disagreement, disputes, and conflict are a natural byproduct of people working together.  

Beacon View Consulting's staff are trained specifically in conflict resolution, psychology, business, and human behavior, and are experts in understanding the social dynamics that exist between people.  

Examples of common modern workplace conflicts include:  

  • Generational conflict  between Millenials, Gen X-ers, and Baby Boomers
  • Supervisor and direct reports not seeing eye to eye
  • C-suite executives needing to neutralize opposing and conflictual views of an organization and its mission   

Conflict Resolution