When our principal, Dr. Rick Ginsberg, founded Beacon View Consulting, he did so after spending years researching the concept of Ethical Business Leadership.

Far from an outlandish, pie-in-the-sky idea, Ethical Business Leadership has been found to be one of the defining characteristics of successful leaders, and organizations, that are best able to tap into the loyalty of talented employees.  

While Ethical Business Leadership is often both a cause and effect of working with Beacon View Consulting, this is perhaps nowhere more clearly seen than in an organization's decision to provide high-quality outplacement transition counseling to departing employees.  

At Beacon View Consulting, we believe that organizations and their employees are best served when they are in partnership with each other, a concept that can extend even through difficult times, so that transition for both organization and employees goes smoothly and offers great opportunities to travel down new and promising roads.  

A Belief in Ethical, Caring Organizations

  • Comprehensive Career Assessments
  • Individual and Group Services 
  • Solution-Focused Approaches 
  • Professional Network Development  
  • Career Goal Setting and Execution 
  • Provided to All Levels of Employees
  • Providing New Directions and Maintaining Organizational Morale 


Transition Counseling

When it's time to part ways, Beacon View Consulting is your professional, discrete, and trusted consultancy to help your employees find their new directions.  Unlike other outplacement firms, Beacon View Consulting has only highly trained career counselors on staff who have years of experience assisting employees of all levels find new employment and revitalize their careers.  

Responsible organizations understand that when tough decisions need to be made, and employees need to be let go, the difficulty of this situation can be mitigated by expert support, guidance, and assistance provided by a professional career counselor who is also skilled at networking, business acumen, and industry knowledge.  

Not only is outplacement counseling the right thing to do for departing employees, it is the smart thing to do for remaining employees and the integrity of the organization.  With employee departures can come steep drops in morale, motivation, enthusiasm, and trust in the company for those left behind.  Providing Beacon View Consulting's Outplacement Transition Services is one of the best ways to illustrate that your organization is ethical and thoughtful in its care of its workforce, and is a true partner in your employees careers and wellbeing.