Discover how your employees can best work together to create cohesion and reach goals

Provide senior team leaders with the skills to enhance an organization 

Confront and conquer challenges from changes both internal and external sources

Blend the culture of two or more merging companies 

Identify, develop, and guide the talented employees of your company's future 

Create a plan allowing for the succession of leadership, ensuring the organization's future

Transform, educate, and Inspire your workforce with a dynamic retreat

Our Philosophy on Organizations

Great organizations and the teams that make them up aren't left to chance - they're worked on, designed, and provided with the most accurate and powerful feedback and structuring to allow them to succeed.  Beacon View Consulting's Organizational Development Services start with a simple premise - get to know the existing team from a variety of vantage points to accurately assess its strengths, weaknesses, assets, and growing edges.  From there, Beacon View Consulting's entire service provision offerings are tailored to help an organization grow into its most effective and efficient form.  

Organizational Development

  • Team Optimal Performance (TOP)
  • Senior Team Peak Performance 
  • Change Implementation 
  • Merger Blending 
  • Talent Shaping 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Team Beacon Retreats 

The power of a calibrated team can positively transform an organization. When talented individuals come together they frequently need skills to reach their potential. Beacon View Consulting works with individual team members as well as the whole team to coordinate the group with proven components of organizational success. BVC’s aim is to help strategically structure teams and develop clear role definitions and team identity in order to give an organization the edge it needs in competitive marketplaces.

Whether we are working with an organization of thousands or a team of two, Beacon View Consulting believes that a group of people committed to a common purpose has the ability to do incredible things.  

We take a strength-focused, solution-oriented approach to organizational development, using programming and interventions proven by research in the fields of psychology and business to offer high levels of effectiveness and an ultimate return on investment.   

Your organization and your teams are OUR organization and teams.  When you decide to work with Beacon View Consulting you have a true partner in the evolution of your company.