Talent comes in many forms, but it takes a special set of skills to be a leader in the business world. To find the optimum people to lead your company, it’s important not to leave it to chance or hunches that can result in disappointment for candidate and company alike.

Beacon View Consulting, LLC provides executive assessments for internal and external candidates that capture a wide range of skills and are tailored to look for the attributes in which your organization is specifically interested. How will your potential leader approach challenges? What will marketplace stressors do to a potential leader’s ability to express vision? How will a future executive handle conflict? Discover the critical information to ensure the development of successful executives.

The coaching provided by Beacon View Consulting is geared toward maximizing executives’ skills and strengths, and providing honest feedback in a manner that can be heard and utilized for growth.  Our coaching program both supports and challenges leaders to reach their potential.  Coaching is a  fundamental strategy for organizations who want their executives to reflect upon the way in which they lead in order to see trends in their effectiveness and to plan for the future. 

Beacon View Consulting is an expert in helping executives from different organizational cultures make smooth transitions to new positions in your company. Through a process of interviewing, individual coaching, and team consultation, our executive blending programs create necessary momentum for corporate leaders who are used to performing and succeeding at high levels.

Research indicates that time, money, team cohesion, and opportunity can be saved and maximized when leaders are chosen with careful consideration, developed and challenged to grow effectively, and meshed with your company's culture and goals.  Beacon View Consulting gives your  organizational leaders the tools and information they need to succeed.

Beacon View Consulting’s Lantern Series Trainings™ are educational seminars, workshops, and presentations specifically designed to meet the needs of executives. Using a wide range of learning methods, Lantern Series Trainings™ follow a “fit and function” strategy that ensures the training is of a style that fits the organization's goals for the intervention and is composed of content that provides the function for which the company is looking.

Lantern Series Executive Retreats take your organization's top executives, managers, and leaders on half-, full-, and multi-day retreats to either on or off-site locations for intensive, empirically supported interventions designed to be productive, engaging, and dynamic.   

Lantern Series Training and Retreats

  • Executive Assessment
  • Executive Transition
  • Executive Coaching
  • Lantern Series Executive Training
  • Lantern Series Executive Retreats

Executive Development  and Coaching