Everybody can be great.  Because everybody can serve...​You only need a heart full of grace.  A soul generated by love.  

- Martin Luther King Jr.

We take Martin Luther King Jr.'s words not only as an explanation, but a beacon of guidance and challenge.  Every non-profit, regardless of is size, structure, or resources should be able to ascend to something incredible.

Beacon View Consulting's  model is to find the greatness within an existing non-profit and give it the tools it needs to flourish.

We draw upon our team's own experience managing and guiding non-profits, as well as our vast knowledge of working with non-profit clients, to ensure that your organization is using its talented contributors to its fullest.  

Contact us to set up a free, initial consultation with one of our associates to help discover how Beacon View Consulting can help your non-profit transcend its current challenges and embark on a future characterized by greatness.   

  • Board Governance Guidance
  • Executive Coaching for Non-profit CEOs, Executive Directors and Leadership 
  • Mission Statement Development 
  • Board Recruitment, Bench Development, Succession Planning  
  • Team Building for Boards and Employees
  • Non-profit Specific Conflict Resolution


Non-profits are different, and Beacon View Consulting gets why that's the case.  

Whether it's working with funding constraints, volunteer boards, or shifting missions, non-profit CEOs, Executive Directors, leadership / board members, and employees need extra support for the important work that they do.   

Beacon View Consulting's associates have decades of working in, and with, the not-for-profit sector and apply this knowledge and experience, along with proven human resources best practices for non-profit organizations locally and globally, to assist your organization in reaching its potential.    

Nowhere are an organization's human resources and assets more vital than in workplaces committed to altruistic ends, attempting to make the world a better place while relying on the talent, acumen, and goodwill of its employees and volunteers to power a mission and vision.   Building the best possible team in such settings is critical, and Beacon View Consulting can help your organization recruit, train, develop, coach, and lead such teams.      

And when your organization's volunteers, employees, and leadership are needing to employ the most skilled interpersonal abilities to promote and lead your organization, Beacon View Consulting will be there to ensure success.   

Contact us to learn how all of Beacon View Consulting's services can be tailored for not-for-profit organizations.   


CEO, Executive Director and Board Services

Molding Non-Profits With Care