Many thanks for taking taking the time to investigate Beacon View Consulting and the services we provide.  

When I founded Beacon View, I strove to develop a consulting firm that believed in the fundamental principle of using what is best about an organization to fix what no longer works or needs to be changed. None of this can occur without faith and trust between Beacon View and our amazing clients.  We take great pride in the relationship we forge with each of our clients, and take the time to listen, respect, and understand as we help your company move to greater success.  

Your achievements are our achievements, your challenges our struggles.  We take our collaboration seriously to provide you with the best experience a consultancy can offer.  

I look forward to personally answering any questions about our services, and any element of Beacon View Consulting.  We look forward to helping your company navigate new and exciting routes to success! 


Rick Ginsberg, Ph.D.  

Founder and President  


Our Staff

Welcome ​​​

Beacon View Consulting is an organization wide in its in vision, expertise, and reach. Consequently, we work with large, medium, and small-sized companies throughout the country. Our base is Denver, Colorado where Beacon View Consulting was founded and first began working with client companies and their vital employees to optimize performance and develop profoundly energized, successful, and satisfied employees and workforces.  

At Beacon View Consulting, organizations are approached as complex systems that warrant careful assessment in order for the right interventions to be put in place. By determining your organization’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and understanding the marketplace in which it operates, we are able to assess untapped potential of what we refer to as your "People Resources",  those committed and talented individuals who make your company work.  From here, we make recommendations for how your company can most effectively succeed and move ahead. Our recommendations are then fine-tuned and modified in a collaborative process with key players in your organization to bring about the changes outlined and desired.

BVC Leadership: 

Rick Ginsberg, Ph.D., is the president and founder of Beacon View Consulting. He has worked as an organizational psychologist and consultant with many successful companies, and has expertise in leadership development, team effectiveness, and corporate training. His research on leadership within the intermodal transportation industry has focused on defining the key leadership styles of chief executive officers and the ethics they follow to garner employee support and create innovative and successful business practices. Dr. Ginsberg has an active role in Beacon View Consulting and works closely with associates and client companies to provide the highest quality services.

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Our Story 

Our diverse staff hails from many different disciplines, and holds degrees in business, psychology, human resources, mediation, and corporate education.  Client companies first connect with our principal, Rick Ginsberg, to determine the scope of their needs, and BVC team members are specifically chosen and designed to assist with engagements when needed.  At Beacon View Consulting, we firmly believe in the

client-consultant relationship and ensuring that the best fit guarantees the most optimal engagement and ultimate success of our collaboration.